Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes


There are literally hundreds of different styles and designs of running shoes on the market, so it can be daunting to know which type is right for you.  Here are some hints to make it a bit easier!

The surface you are running on will dictate which shoes could be the right pair.  If you are running on soft, grassy, or muddy trails, then trail running shoes will be most appropriate.  They have better grip and ankle support, important when you are running on uneven ground.  Road runners will most likely find more cushioned shoes more comfortable.

Your gait (the way you run) will also contribute greatly to which shoes will be the best match.  You can have your gait analysed in running shops.  Your gait is essentially the way your feet and legs move whilst you run.  Different shoes work better for different types of gait and an expert gait analysis can help you to discover which could fit you best.